Fancy Ass Questions

What events happen at your camp?
  1. Most evenings just after sunset, we'll hunt a human in The Chase.
  2. There will be arcade game tournaments all other times.
  3. AND for one day only, we will be giving away Free Ice Cream^!
What is the footprint of your installation?
The details are still being worked out, but expect somewhere between 12' x 12' and 12' x 20'.
Is your camp noisy?
The audio won't be any louder than a typical house stereo. Video Game sounds will be kept at a moderate level and can easily be turned off all together (or replaced with moderate-level music).
What is the best type of location for you?
The Chase requires an open space that has a lot of foot traffic. The runner needs both a crowd to blend into and space to get away.
Do you require electricity?
Yes, we are powering projector at night and a monitor during the day as well as various fan-less computers, led lights and a stereo.
What will your set up be like?
The installation structures are one shade structure and a projection screen. The controller cabinets are made to be installed quickly. Total set up time: 4 to 8 hours
What will your tear down be like?
Reverse of set up, without all the anal attention to detail. Expected tear down time: 4 hours
^Free Ice Cream??? YAAAAY!!
Remember....nothing in life is free.